#2 – The Corbitt House and Baltimore

The Haunting and Of Wrath and Blood

7th of January 2022
Baltimore 1920

While Anthony is recuperating, Aaron and Abraham returns to the Corbitt House, just to realise that whatever was left of Walter Corbitt has been moved. There is a torn down false wall in the basement, and behind it a room where most likely Corbitt was housed. They have to accept defeat this time, and carry on with their lives. Harvey Knott is happy though, and pays the inspectors and will be a valuable contact in the future.

A few weeks later, one of the investigators notice an article in the Boston Globe, and later on a related article after visiting the the Boston Globe offices.

When trying to visit the Roxbury Sanitarium they have more luck then last time around. The receptionist, Ms. Linda Brown, informs them that Vittoria Maccario is dead by suicide. The investigators manage to persuade Ms. Brown to let them speak to Gabriela.

Ms. Brown opens the door so the investigators can have a face-to-face conversation with Gabriela. Gabriela looks a fright; she is trussed up in a straight-jacket, and her room is literally a white padded cell. Gabriela pleads to the investigators:

“Please, you must save them! It has them! It comes to me in my dreams, whispering curses in my ear. It wants my children; it’s going to corrupt their souls. Please you’ve got to save them! It taunts me; it says that it has them, and that they are going to Hell itself! Go to Baltimore, that’s where they are. Save them!”

The investigators have little time to talk to her, for as soon as Gabriela pleads her case to the investigators; a shadow seems to fall over her as a madness suddenly takes over. She seems to go into a struggle with an invisible foe. The struggle ends with her sticking her tongue out as far as she can, right before she bites it off; spraying blood and spittle from her mouth. They are informed later that she dies from a heart attack.

When visiting the Giordanos, Maria and Enzo, the realise thaty their grief and worry is quite genuine, and they are not holding back any information about the dissapearence of the boys.

The boys have had a hard time integrating into their new school, Colonial Cove Public School. Their teacher, Mrs. Birdwell, is very concerned about them.

The Giordanos have gotten a few complaints from some of the other neighborhood parents that the boys have been fighting with the other
neighborhood boys.

Maria tells them that the boys are very emotional, and they miss their parents terribly. She begs the investigators that should they find the boys, for them to not tell them that their parents have died. Because it would devastate them, and she doesn’t want to put the boys through anymore tragedy.

Aaroon Ripley decides that the best course of action is to talk to the neighborhood boys, and finds some of them playing a game of stickball in the streets. He quickly befriends them and with a small bribe the boys tell them about how Faustino and Francesco wanted them to join their club. The clubhouse is an old mausoleum in St. Michael’s Memorial Gardens, and the investigators are guided by the boys to the location.

The door to this mausoleum is old and in disrepair. Once upon a time, it was an iron gate over a heavy oak door, but when the investigators come to the mausoleum, they find the old wrought iron gate discarded to the wayside. The gate is peppered in rust and overgrown weeds and ivy have laced through the gate and holds it firmly to the ground. So, it is obvious that the gate has been off its hinges for years.

The center chamber has decorative tile inlaid in the floor, with marble on the walls, and a glass dome ceiling above. All of the glass in the dome ceiling above has long ago been broken out, so rain and leaves can freely fall into this part of the mausoleum. There are a couple of decorative urns in artistic niches on the curved walls in this room. There are abandoned birds’ nests in the urns.

Each chamber of the mausoleum holds 36 individual tombs for the La Croix family. Each wall of each chamber is six tombs wide, by three tombs high. Each tomb has a marble seal with the decedent’s name, birth, and death dates. The end of each chamber also has a small leaded stained-glass window. All of the floors in each chamber are covered in dust and leaves. There are also child-sized footprints
all over the place.

The investigators notice a tomb seal that not only has broken grout, but there is a strange symbol carved into the face of the seal. The symbol is of a lidless eye within an inverted triangle, the sign for the Chapel of Contemplation.

They find a wrought iron handle has been bolted to the back-side of the seal. The tomb is located on the floor of the mausoleum. The inside of her tomb is completely empty, not even a coffin; inside, the investigators see a tunnel dug into the ground.