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  • #4 – Asylum break-in and Arnoldsburg ghoul

    Genius Loci and Paper Chase 18th of March 2022 Researching at the History Society in Danvers gives them more information of Hathorne Hill and its namesake, Judge John Hathorne. The asylum occupies land that was once the homestead of Judge John Hathorne, lead magistrate of the alem WitchTrials. Hathorne was personally responsible for sending nearly […]

  • #3 – St. Michaels Memorial Garden and Danvers Asylum

    Of Wrath and Blood and Genius Loci 18th of February 2022 The investigators arrive in ahand-dug chamber, approximately 10’ round, with a steep ramp that leads up to Evelyn’s tomb in the La Croix family mausoleum above. The ramp has hand/foot holds dug into it, making it a very easy to climb. The chamber is […]