Tag: Of Wrath and Blood

  • #3 – St. Michaels Memorial Garden and Danvers Asylum

    Of Wrath and Blood and Genius Loci 18th of February 2022 The investigators arrive in ahand-dug chamber, approximately 10’ round, with a steep ramp that leads up to Evelyn’s tomb in the La Croix family mausoleum above. The ramp has hand/foot holds dug into it, making it a very easy to climb. The chamber is […]

  • #2 – The Corbitt House and Baltimore

    The Haunting and Of Wrath and Blood 7th of January 2022 While Anthony is recuperating, Aaron and Abraham returns to the Corbitt House, just to realise that whatever was left of Walter Corbitt has been moved. There is a torn down false wall in the basement, and behind it a room where most likely Corbitt […]